Empleatec Megawatios is the only collaborating training center authorized by the Ministry of Employment of Andalusia to develop the vocational training and issue the professional certificate "Buildings Energy Efficiency" (center number: FPE_101380).

Empleatec has also developed the teaching materials of the professional certificate "Energy Efficiency in Buildings" for the Andalusian Employment Service and is currently developing the content of the professional certificate "Operation Management in Thermoelectric Power Stations" for the same public body.


Empleatec is looking for partners to prepare and develop an ICT project in the Lifelong Learning Programme framework EAC/27/11 (2011/C 233/06). We want to address the training needs in the field of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) to vocational and higher education sectors through the development of a software, a simulator that recreates the conditions of operation of a CSP station. Please, find full information in the following files:





Empleatec Megawatios Consultores Asociados S.L. was founded in 2009 by professionals with a wide experience in the field of consulting and training on Renewable Energies. During this period Empleatec has developed an extensive activity as a business services company for enterprises and public bodies in order to improve their competitiveness.

Empleatec activity is focused on training, information and social awareness on various issues related to the Renewable Energy sector, highlighting the following areas:

  • Provide a platform for companies to acquire the suitable conditions for the realization of contracts and jobs in the renewable energy sector, given their size or complexity, need to run in Joint Venture.
  • Training and qualification of employees of companies working in renewable energy sector, for which Empleatec performs the following activities:
    • Management of renewable energy projects: studies, consultancy, training and maintenance and services about sustainable energy management for companies and institutions; and projects, technical assistance, consulting, and coordination of installations.
    • Development of courses and educational modules for basic, mid and higher education/master level.
  • The establishment of own services of common interest, by our self or through agreements with other entities.
  • Research, technological development, innovation and improving competitiveness actions.
  • Empleatec develops the following activities in the E.U. framework:
    • Promotion, consulting and management of renewable energies projects in the field of Lifelong Learning Programme.
    • Cooperation with active entities on renewable energies for the preparation and implementation of LLP projects in Southern Spain.
    • Information and consultancy on E.U. grants and subsidies in the renewable energy sector.
    • Promotion and participation of renewable energies projects in financed by the European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund.

Among the projects developed by Empleatec in the last years, we underline:
  • 2008. Study of training needs in renewable energy companies in Andalusia. Department. Regional Employment Department. Government of Andalusia.
  • 2010. Teaching service. 4 editions of the course "CSP PLANT OPERATOR” (140h.) SEXPE. Agenex. Equality and Employment Department. Government of Extremadura.
  • 2010. Teaching service. Course “SOLAR HEAT IN BUILDINGS. OPTIMIZATION AND DESIGN". (40h.). Cluster de la Energia de Extremadura and Employment Department. Government of Extremadura.
  • 2011. Elaboration of training materials/tools for the course “BUILDINGS ENERGY EFFICIENCY” (920h.). Andalusian Employment Service. Government of Andalusia.
  • 2012. Elaboration of training material/tools for the course “OPERATION MANAGEMENT IN THERMOELECTRIC POWER STATIONS”. (750h.). Andalusian Employment Service. Government of Andalusia.
  • 2010-2012. Teaching service. 5 editions of the course “CSP PLANT OPERATOR” (180h.)
  • 2010-2012. Teaching service “OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF CSP PLANTS” (100h.).
  • 2010-2012. Teaching service“PREVENTION OF OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS IN CSP PLANTS”. (50h.).
Empleatec’s main collaborating/co-operating entities are: Extremadura Employment Service; Employment Department of the Andalusian Government; Tripartite Foundation for Education and Employment; Cluster de la Energia de Extremadura, FIUS and Avantia, among others.




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